Thursday, November 8, 2007

The CPA exam and an interesting story

Rachel, I have just loved the pictures and funny stories! This past few weeks have been a bit crazy. I took a section of the CPA exam on this past Friday. Now I am studying to take another section at the end of this month. I will be so glad when this dark cloud, called the CPA exam is no longer lingering in my life. Oh, it's not that bad!
Also, this Friday, I am helping out through my work at a Junior Achievement day which is when you go to a school in an at-risk area and teach about business or economics for a day. I was assigned to team teach the 7th graders. Should be just enough attitude and immaturity to make for a fun day! No, it should really be fun, but a bit scary too!
I also have a funny and pretty embarrassing story to share. The other evening I went visiting teaching with my new companion for our first month together. The girl we visited was great and we had a great time. When we got into the apartment I noticed a smell that led to the thought that they may have just changed their baby's diaper. The smell continued to linger as we finished our lesson and had the closing prayer. As we were leaving, I noticed that I had tracked in some mudlike substance onto their nice white carpet. Oh, I felt so bad! Luckilly, it is a rental, so it wasn't the end of the world. This is when it all gets embarrassing. Then, I began to tie the sights and the smells together. Yes, not only did I step in dog poop, but I completely tracked it into a woman's home that I am supposed to be uplifting! I haven't been so embarrased in a long time and now for some reason I am sharing it with all of you. Yes, so that is currently my life. A little bit of the CPA exam and a little big of dog poop! One in the same!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


One funny thing I want to remember! Victoria just got out of the tub and tutted and said, "Oh Daddy, bubbles, bubbles". I think that is a nice term for such a unfortunate event! Richard's family calls it "popping" and I guess we will call it "bubbling"!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

More Halloween pictures!

Cheesy Chicken!

Cheese! That is what Victoria yells everytime she sees a camera, phone, tv remote, etc. She is always ready with her cheesy smile, even if her eyes are looking elsewhere!

This is one of two costumes she wore this year! This was my favorite! She liked wearing it and caught on to the Trick or Treat thing real quick. The night before Halloween we took her across the street to an assisted living center where we volunteer and everyone loved her. Once she figured out that the orange pumpkins had candy in them every basket was a target. She attempted to take candy from many a little trick or treater.

At Richard's office party the next day the trick or treating continued. She would enter every office with a very loud "HI"! Then she would proceed to track down the candy dish. It was soo funny! Sometimes if the offerer left the dish in front of her for too long she would clean it out. She just kept dishing. A few times we had to give a few things back that she wasn't happy about!

Later, we trick or treated at the Martinez' neighborhood. She didn't really want to go at first. She was just excited to be at Grandma's house and didn't want to leave, but after the first house she was running. Richard and Javier dressed up too. I will attach a picture somehow.

Even later, after we were done with trick or treating the fun continued as she handed out candy to those who came to our door. When the doorbell rang she would yell " hurry, hurry, hurry" and run to the door. She knows "two" so she gave everyone " two " pieces! When she would reach for the basket and it was a little far she would grunt like she was straining to reach! She is so dramatic!

All in all we had a wonderful Halloween!