Saturday, August 9, 2008

Congratulations Richard and Rachel!

For those of you that have not heard, Richard was accepted into an MBA program at University of Conneticut! They have already moved out of their place in San Antonio and are staying with his parents for just a few weeks before the trek to Conneticut. We are all just so excited for them! I know Rachel has been super busy, so I thought I would spill the news. I am sure Rachel will add more details about when school starts and where they are living when she has the time. Congratulations you guys!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Gardner!

August 6th! Its his birthday and most likely he's sleeping on a cold, rocky, ground and most likely realizing that he might have overestimated his toughness... which quite frankly would not have been the FIRST time!

So super quickly I thought I'd list some of my favorite memories of him:

1 - The time he used a slim jim to break into my car in the pool parking lot at high school when I'd locked my keys inside... oddly it didn't take him more than two minutes to pop that lock right open.

2 - The time I came crying to him at auto shop when I thought my car had been stolen from the high school parking lot. Long story...

3 - The time he and my dad were racing their chevelles on back roads in Payson and they fought over which one had to carry the "dead weight" aka me.

4 - Any time when we were kids and I was cool enough to be involved in whatever was going on (clubhouse building, random schemes, and rock throwing contests).

5 - In middle school at Christmas when he gave me a black guess sweatshirt and probably didn't even realize how important it was at 12 to have it. More important later in life when I realized it was purchased with lawn mowing money.

6 - The time I somehow wedged my car against the side of the garage without scraping it while backing out and even though he and his friends were in the front yard he just quietly backed it out without making me feel dumb.

7 - The time some of my friends tried to toilet paper our house while I was gone and he and his friend stole their keys out of the ignition and made them clean it up.

8 - In college when he invited me over to eat some sandwiches he'd swiped from an MBA event and while I ate it he mentioned that he thought he saw mold on it (teasing about the guacomole). But realized it was too late to reverse the joke as I ran down his hall to the bathroom gagging.

9 - The time he somewhat willingly drove his car with Nana in it at the Payson Parade.

10 - The time he'd snooped in mom's journal and told me about Maren being on the way before our parents did.

11 - Anytime he'd say to Maren about highschool, "so do you ever hear anything about me over there?"

12 - Anytime he's telling a story that might involve speed or an engine sound - his sound effects and ability to tell a good story are unrivaled.

13 - The time he got home after curfew in high school... that's all I'll say on this one.

14 - After his mission when we went on a double date.

I could go on! What a crazy, perfect brother to have! I hope his day was really perfect!