Monday, March 31, 2008

Hare Krishna!

So Saturday was an interesting day...
The weather was great and I heard about this crazy celebration of Spring down in Spanish Fork at a Hare Krishna temple.
I got Grant, Brooke, Mark and Mark's new girlfriend Chelsea to come and we headed down in the van.
First of all, as we neared SF I could tell that traffic was backed up past the exit. awesome.
FINALLY we park, and we seriously walked two mile until we got to the temple. The temperature was dropping and there were hoards of people everywhere. Immediately some girls came up to us and sold us our "colors" to throw at each other when the time was right.
Then, we went into the temple and got "purification" dots put on our foreheads.

Then we went and found pretty much my entire ward. I still can't believe how many people were there. We danced around to the crazy music and then FINALLY they lit the bonfire.
BAM! It was like a bomb went off. No joke. I couldn't see the sky and I had chalk powder in my lungs and up my nose and in my eyes. It was crazy. We danced around the huge fire . At one point, Grant lifted me up onto his shoulders and together we equaled the tallest living creature of all time. ha!
All in all, a terrific day, but I am STILL finding that crap in my ears, and stuck to my scalp!
Hare Krishna!
oh and how did good ol' Utah respond to our celebration of Spring? It thanked us by dumping 4 inches of snow on us the next day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And Then Chicago Totally Redeems itself!

Well, two Fridays ago, Mike and I went to the University of Chicago gym. I used my headphones to watch the attached tv on my treadmill and set my Ipod on the treadmill also. Once finished, I walked away, and absently left my Ipod for the taking. I realized my forgetfullness, and checked with the University's gym lost and found on the next Monday. Forgetting that I no longer attended BYU, I fully expected someone to turn it in. Plus, come on it's almost five years old! Who would even want it! Well, no one had turned it in. The man there told me to check back again. I thought, "Sure, someone is going to take it home, check out my music, and then bring it back!" I was pretty sad because it has taken me years to accumulate all of my music. I know I am a nerd! Mike said I should just get a new one, but I felt like I should atleast wait for a birthday, Christmas, or at least passing the cpa exam, which all are months away! Anyway, since I have been out of town in Utah helping with recruiting at BYU, which was so wonderful to see everyone (Maren, you should post some pictures), my first time back to the gym was last night. So last night was a week and a half since the dissapearance. I thought I would give it one more shot, but had no hope of going home with my Ipod. Anyway, someone turned it in! I am sure that the lost-and-found manager thought I was a bit of crazy woman, but I was estactic! So there you go, after a cold and long winter, some Chicago attitude, 10.5% sales tax, and thousands of pot-hole streets, Chicago totally redeems itself!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Addition!

Well, he has finally arrived! Richard Reed Martinez III joined our family March 6th at 2:33 pm. He weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. After 6 hours of labor and being dilated to 10 cm. Baby Reed decided he wanted a good look at this world. He tried to come our face first and that eventually ended up in an emergency c-section for mom. Fifteen minutes later, bruised nose and all, he graced us with his presence! To me he looked just like Victoria when she was born. Now he has his own personality and look to him! He sure is sweet! He rarely cries and is very alert! We sure love him and feel very blessed that he made it here safe and sound. Victoria loves to give him kisses and hold him often. She is a great big sister! She seems so big to me now! He is the newest picture of the whole Martinez family!