Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, like Emily we just returned from vacation! Okay, Dallas! Only four hours away! Richard had to go for work and I decided to tag along. We left Victoria with Richard's parents. We had a great time. We went to the Texas State Fair! I think the largest and most fried food in the nation. I am not kidding. Fried okra, lattes, twinkies and cheesecakes and much, much, more! We saw Lonestar, a country band, that night. On Saturday we took part in the Race for the Cure in Dallas. Over 26,000 people attended. It was crazy! Richard walked the 5k with me for the first and last time. It took way too long for him! The downtown Dallas area was not impressive to me. I spent the afternoon there walking from destination to destination on my map and I wasn't impress with any of it. I couldn't even find a mall or shopping area at all to kill some time, just office building after office building!
We returned home last night to find Victoria more grown up than ever and able to say a few new words; like Texas and Go Spurs! I'm not sure how I feel about the last one! Should be go Jazz!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome Back!

It seems like I was gone so much longer than a week. Sunday I got back from Maui. Last July when one of my best friends was moving from Salt Lake to Phoenix we were both packing her stuff while tears brimmed when she suggested that if we had a vacation planned we'd feel better... We took a break, sat on the floor of her bare loft and booked tickets for Maui. There was about a two minute conversation prior to actually entering our credit card info and I felt instantly better. As things rolled along we decided how fun it'd be to rent a place on the beach with more people. It ended up being six of us - equally balanced with 3 project managers and 3 in sales. It was a perfect balance.

As the trip neared and I received multiple spread sheets from the project managers of the group I began to feel a bit scared - most of you know I'm not a great big planner... There were conversations via email about how to break out responsibility (i.e., should one person plan each day or should each person just plan an activity, etc.). I have to say that after this trip I will NEVER take another trip without a project manager. I was so impressed with the activities we had a chance at due to their great planning and yet I was not planned into a corner. All in all we snorkeled on a great day excursion, saw a luau, zip lined (by far my favorite), spent some much needed time on the beach and competed for the "most bruised" award - sadly I lost.

Its only Tuesday though and its so tough to be back. It seems like forever since I've just rested and I came home to flattened mice and people quitting. UGH.

Anyway - welcome me home because I think I need it this week!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Chicago Attitude

In most of our encounters with Chicogoans (is that a word?), we have met some really, really nice people, but every once in a while you run across what Mike and I have come to call the "Chicago Attitude." One of these experiences took place this morning when I had to drive a mile or so to a post office to pick up a package that would not fit in our 4X4 inch post box. Amazingly, there was no one in line so I found the sign that said, "Line begins here" and waited for the next available teller. Well, a woman a minute later came and stood on the other side of the sign. In my mind I thought, well I'm sure she will just let me go first to the first teller because that's just the way it works. Well, then one of the post office workers shouted with Chicago attitude, "There's only one line," and pointed to where the woman was standing. Well, thinking the woman next to me understood the first come first serve rule and at least some general kindness rule, I asked her if it was okay if I got in line in front of her because I had gotten there before her. She turned to me and said, "Well, you weren't in the right line." I was stunned! To make matters worse, I got to the front of the line finally, and went to pick up my package and the woman said, "Well, do you have an ID?" I said, "No, do I need one because I have the pickup package form?" She told me that I did and that I could not pick up my package! What a trip to the post office. As I pulled onto the road, I saw the woman who did not allow me to merge, with her car door open, possibly obstructing traffic. I just layed on my horn with a little Chicago Attitude!

I almost forgot!

I have a class where we have to write a little blurb every day. It doesn't even matter what it is, just something we care about. So on Thursday I wrote about this:

so.. last night me and my roommate and friend Brooke went to the viewing of a documentary called Invisible Children. Many of you have probably seen this shocking film about the conflict in N. Uganda. I was sickened by my own life as I sat in the lecture hall. These children know nothing but fear. They were born into it, and unless something is done they will die never knowing any other way of life. It was very humbling when I realized that these kids eat maybe once a day, if they're lucky, and sleep packed like sardines in hospitals or at bus stops anywhere to be safe from being abducted and forced into the rebel forces. These children walk many miles every night into town for protection. By themselves.

I worry about eating TOO MUCH. I worry about school. These children never even have the opportunity to go to school. Every night they just hope they make it through the night and in the morning if they have they join together and dance and praise God. The people in Uganda PLEAD for help from the US. They cannot understand how a country as blessed as ours would sit back and continue to do nothing.

As students, it may seem difficult to make a difference, but if we don't, WHO WILL? So, get involved. visit or help your school start a club to raise money to build schools. go to for details. Just do SOMETHING. Let's not continue to be content with ignorance.I believe it's our OBLIGATION as a blessed country to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


spread the word.
raise awareness.
make a difference.
change the world.

Anway, watching the film and then doing a little research afterwards really changed my life I think. I talked to the lady that came to present the video to us. She's in college and came with just 2 other kids in a black van. They're traveling all over the west because it's something they believe in. It was amazing. She talked to me about starting a club on campus called Schools for Schools where our school raises money to start schools in an area called Gulu. So, alot of other kids who are as moved by the cause as I am started it. Who knows how it will go, but it sure feels good. It blows mind to see what is still happening in this world.
really though. go to the invisible children website and buy some bracelets. They look like the one that Amanda gave me from S. Africa, made out of elephant hair. But these ones are made by people in a refugee camp called Acholi-land as their only means of making a living. Each bracelet, depending on the color you buy, comes with a DVD, a story of a different child. Mine is black and green and the story is about a girl named Grace who is a child who was forced to be married and is now a child mother. Very sad. Very touching.
this is long enough. I still love you all and I very much need some sleep!

One late night in Provo...

oh hello dear family!
Well, I'm such I've been such a family-blog-slacker!
I'm gonna be honest, it was mostly beacuse my life hasn't been nearly exciting enough recently to warrant it. I mean, moving to Chi-town and to San An is hard to compete with! And Emily can pretty much make any situation in life hilarious and awesome to read.
Anyway, here goes.
Tonight was a riot. Mom and Dad were up at the cabin and said it would be alright if I came up tonight (Friday) and brought some friends...little did they know what they were gettting themselves into! I think about 12 people came. I went with this guy Dave from California, and some other guys in our ward took dates.
First of all Dad brought me a map of how to get the cabin today because we all know that I might be "Eyes Crane" but I'm no navigator. The map was fantastic and we all made it in one piece! oh man, I hope this isn't getting boring yet.
We had a great time, we ate tons of food that Mom and Dad brought for us and they both helped us set everything up. I could not believe how many times people came up to me and told me how lucky I was that my parents are so cool! Ya hear that Mom and Dad?? COOOOOL!
We sat around the fire for awhile, made some s'mores then we all mass huddled for warmth and watched When a Stranger Calls on Dave's laptop. All in all, a very good time.
Provo has been very good to me this year. I loooove King Hen and all the people here. Our ward is so awesome! I love it!
This week has been super hectic though..I've never spent more hours in the library in my life. uhh. It's disgusting.
Well, it's very good to hear from you all!
Oh rach, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick :(
and amanda, tell Mike I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
em, I hope you're having a ridiculously good time in Maui and I want to hear all about when you back!
mom and dad, I fully agree. You guys are so cool! :)
Everyone else, I hope all is well!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I miss the little ones!

I just read Rachel's blog and I got a real kick out of it. It reminded of something funny she just told me about the other day. Sadly, Rachel has been having some morning sickness and she said she had to really try to keep Victoria out of the bathroom during these moments because otherwise Victoria would come in and make throw up noises right next to Rachel, just impersonating her mommy! I thought that was pretty funny. I sure do miss everyone. I especially miss the little ones because you can't talk to them on the phone. I got a bit homesick when I was watching General Conference in our ward building thinking of everyone else watching it snuggled up on mom and dad's couches (many of them sleeping! :)
Our lives here in Chicago kind of remind me of when we were first married and both in our first years of our masters programs because we are so busy. Mike has to study most hours of the day and I work and then we both come home, eat a quick dinner, and study some more. I am working again on my cpa exam. I am taking two sections by the end of November so it might be a bit crazy. We have really enjoyed exercising at the University of Chicago gym. Can you imagine that every cardio machine actually has its on tv monitor!
Yesterday was Mike's birthday and he had a big project due today so we are actually celebrating on Saturday. Mike is working so hard; I am proud of him. Anyway, that is all for now, but I would love to hear from everyone else!

San Antonio!

Well, I don't have much to say! We are in our new apartment and Victoria is moving her toys from her room to the front room in her new car(clothes basket)! It is so nice that she can finally entertain herself! Sometimes it is in interesting ways, like throwing her clothes in the toilet or rubbing her fingers all over our new TV as she watches Elmo. Anytime of the day she can get her hands on the remote she situates herself on the coach and says "I want Elmo"! For some reason she thinks Sesame Street is on 24 hours a day! As she cruises around the house often she stumbles and says, "I okay", even if no one is paying attention. For those of you who thought the whole "Snacks" thing was over done, you will be glad to know that "I want candy," is her new mantra! Well, we really are up to much more than that, but these are things I have noticed since I have had a little bit of morning sickness and have been spending the mornings on the couch while she rips the house apart. She is very helpful though. She just brought me my Sudoku book and pen. Just in case I wanted to do that right now!
Well, we are good and hope you are all fine!