Sunday, March 29, 2009

My new favorite commercials.

Usually when a commercial comes on I immediately change the station. I have two exceptions.


The Moody Blues are great, and for 30 seconds I feel like I'm in another world.



It just cracks me up. I'm not really sure why. Just does.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday to my favorite man in my life. A thank you to him for all of the amazing things he's brought into my life. Dad has loved us more than any father has. He has loved being a father and a husband more than anyone I know. He has not missed a single piece of our lives whether pleasant or unpleasant. He has cheered with us at games and clapped at various other activities which would not have been his first choice. He has cried with us and worried with us and in many cases saved us. He is passionate about all of us including our new family. I love knowing that in difficult times he will be there and in happy times he will feel joy with us. a few of my memories:

At five I packed my small barbie suitcase to run away and most likely I made a big show of it. I wouldn't have gotten far, but he chased after me down the back hill and begged me to come home. Made me believe he needed me. we walked back home hand in hand.

Growing up my toys would break. I'd cry at a wheel off a babby buggie only to have it repaired the next day.

As a young family he ouyfitted us all in skis and took us skiing several times even though it was even his first time too.

He taught me to love music.. best memories of him putting on a Simon and garfunkel record and relaxing while I danced in my nightgown and Gardner beat on a leather drum.

the dance costumes and dance recitals which he attended along with the old bully video camera.

The teams and teams of junior jaZz he coached year after year.

The times he knew to stay up late if we were sad or injured.

The letters that got me through my loneliness at byu.

Even now his ability to still take care of us all.

The funny memories of his humor whether in switching off lights and pulling moms head into his sweaty post run shirts.

I have learned to love and show it from him.

Please add what you can.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I was kinda bummed to come until I remembered that crista signed us up for a writing / publishing class. Just one of the many, many things I love about her is that she finds things to do and then DOES them. Everyone in our family has benefitted from her ability to plan. I am so excited for the class! Okay I am a litle overly excited!

Thank you crista!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

He's gettting a little bit Fat!

Can you believe Asher is five months!

What's a mom to do with this crazy hair! He loves his new toy, and really gets his game face on!

Dad & Asher.

Thunder thighs...

Life in the Wind blown city...

A happy, chubby 4 months.