Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Boy!

Well, only a week and a half to go! I can't wait to finally meet this little boy! We are anxiously awaiting our little arrival! We went to the Dr. today who said I am still dilated to 3 cm. (the same as last week!) Odds are that I won't go early and that I will be induced on March 10th like the Dr. has planned. At the office Victoria was driving me crazy. She kept asking, "what are you doing?" to everyone, including the Dr. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and I tried to sneak her into her crib, but of course as soon as her head hit the bed she panicked that she had the Binky from the car in her mouth and not the "yellow one" she usually sleeps with. Well, now she is just singing the ABC song and I am hoping she will fall back asleep. Not very likely! She is her Daddy's daughter in that respect! She thrives on no sleep!

I thought I would record how she thinks it is so funny to make fun of Daddy and his "Go Spurs" attitude. Every time she sees the Spurs logo she yells "Go Spurs Go", but as soon as he looks at her she'll shout "Go Jazz"! She already knows how to push his buttons. The other day he was drinking out of a Spurs cup and she wanted a sip. He told her only if she said, "Go Spurs", which she did, but right as she got the cup she whispered " Go Jazz"! She really has a funny sense of humor!

Well, I knew it would last! She is right now yelling "Mommy(loud), followed by, come her please NOW(loud)!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Belated Valentine's post

So I had kind of a crummy valentine's day to start... I spent all day at work listening to people being paged overhead to go pick up their LAME AND UGLY FLOWERS! (no sentiment of bitterness at all, right?) I began to really resent the day itself...

Around 4 that all changed. I got a voicemail from Gardner inviting me to go to Bountiful Rec center with he and Crista and their tweets. I was so excited and realized that it was kind of great that I'd get to spend a day with people who make me feel so loved. Also - I had a REASON to hurry out of work. YAY!

I ran home and picked up a bathing suit and then hit the road. Traffic was a nightmare and I was later getting there and they were already in the pool. I quickly changed and headed for the pool and right off the bat saw Crista sitting in the shallow end of the pool with Axel who was having a great time splashing the water and he gave me the sweetest smile and I was so happy that he recognized me. Before I knew it Cameron and Addison were scrambling out of the pool and running toward me with great valentines that even had candy taped to them. I couldn't believe how great it felt to have them so excited to see me! We played quite a while in the water and then went to Cafe Rio where Gardner bought us all dinner for V-Day. At dinner both Addison and Axel konked out and it was just so nice to hang out with Gardner, Crista, and Cameron.

It was hard to leave them and head back home. But, when I got here I checked my mail and had this HUGE valentine from Victoria, Rachel, and Richard. It was such a great end to my already great day.

Thank you guys all so much. I realized later that I was all ready to feel sorry for myself on this day and so I didn't do ANYTHING for anyone. I didn't deserve how great you all were. I'm definitely the luckiest girl in the world.

P.S. You should know that my fridge is COVERED with the beautiful valentines you sent! THANK YOU! How great is it to be an Aunt to such wonderful nieces?!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have decided that Victoria is an optimist! I think most children are! She, however, voices this optimism in a funny way. Every once in a while she will ask a question: like "Daddy's home?" or " I see me friends?". Questions that I know the real answer is No, but when I say No, she kind of turns her head like "Maybe". It is so funny. I have noticed that I give her this response a lot and that is where she gets it, but it is so funny! Just a random thought!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I hope all of you got Victoria's Valentine's. She had a fun time making them and saying Valentine! We don't have too much planned for today. Yesterday I made Richard's favorite cookies. Tonight I think all three of us will got to a "restaurant". Victoria is excited. She prefers beans and rice or hotdogs to about all the healthy things I try to convince her to eat.

I hope that all of you have a great Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wanna Fight?

I just wanted to document this memory! Every morning I give Victoria a bath and every morning I chase and wrestle with her to get her clothes and diaper on! Well the other morning I had finally corralled her to the edge of the bed where we were belly to belly! Then she did the funniest thing. She rolled her arms and said "you wanna fight baby boy?" I couldn't stop laughing, which of course got her laughing! It was so funny! She really is quick humored! It is also funny when she blames things on her stuffed animals or other people in general. Her excuses include: "Bodie (the bear) did it", or "the peoples did it"! She cracks me up!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Prom 2008

Mike and I obviously don't normally get so dressed up, so I thought I must document it! The invitation for my holiday work party actually read, "Black tie optional, fancy dress encouraged." This was the best we could do!

Don't Mess with Texas!

Well, yes, I definitely had a great time in Texas. Rachel and Richard, and of course Victoria were excellent hosts. I loved seeing the Alamo, and yes, Mike was quite jealous. They made my birthday definitely one to remember. Victoria even sang me “Happy Day” with a little coaxing. I loved breakfast in bed (Richard's idea!) I loved going to the zoo with Victoria and Rachel. I also loved playing catch with Victoria. She would purposely throw this blue little plastic egg as fast and hard as she could at my head. For some reason we would just laugh and laugh. I loved the Texas Barbeque and breakfast burritos. I LOVED the 70 degree weather. I did not love the three hour flight delay back to Chicago, but that is to be expected flying into O’Hare. I loved Victoria showing me her room and her jackets. I loved helping put her to bed. I loved seeing Mike again after my trip. It was just a great trip! Thank you Richard and Rachel and Victoria for being so good to me!