Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily, we hope you had a great day! You are so amazing and so helpful! (to all of us).
We appreciated having you with us when we had visits to Doctor Noyes and then again for the day of surgery at the Huntsman. You know all the right questions to ask and it was so comforting to have another person listening to all those directions when we came home. Thank you!
I love spending time with you, and cooking with you, too. We had fun times with new recipes and new "gadgets"!
It was a snowy day like today when you were born. What a sweet blessing you have been!

my dear emily

Today is Emily's birthday. Oh how I wish I were in Utah to surprise her at work and take her to lunch, or shopping at Nordstrom's!
I have really really loved living in Oklahoma, but the hardest part is being away from family. Especially Em.
Not many people are lucky enough to have sisters like Emily. We have had so many amazing times together! Here are just a couple of my favorite Em memories.

ER, Friends and Taco Maker Thursdays. No one can flirt their way into more free crispitos than Em :)

Going to Salt Lake and staying with Emily. Always knowing I'd have a spot in her bed and that "my pajamas" would be there waiting for me.

Shopping with Em is the best. She really knows her stuff! She was always willing to go with me to find the perfect shoes to go with a dance dress, or to advise me on wedding make up. She definitely has good taste!

Playing the train game. nuff said. She always beats me, but it's always fun.

CANCUN. Seriously, one of the funnest trips of my life. So glad we could go together.

Emily is the kind of person who is always doing something for someone else. If she's not bringing something special for someone in the office, she's up in Kaysville hanging out with Cam, Addison and Axel so G and C can have a little break.

Emily, you are such a wonderful person and there are so many people who love you. I love you.