Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I first just want to say that I am SO thankful that this post that was nearly completed wasn't just deleted when my computer crashed a minute ago!

Okay, now for the real post...

Just as Rachel and I and fams are ready to head out to Utah for the holiday season (tomorrow...whoo hoo!), we finally are making posts about Thanksgiving. Mike, Asher, and I flew to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving to see Mike's parents and sister Jaclyn and Rachel, Richard, Victoria, and Reed drove down from Connecticut. To see the fun pictures Rachel and her family took, visit her blog. Mike's family was so excited to have them come and we just all had a great time together. Victoria and Reed were so sweet the entire time. We went on a walk at Valley Forge on Thanksgiving Day, shopped at some really great outlets with no sales tax (a stark contrast to Chicago's 10.25%), and played games (Mike's mom even made Richard play and it was pretty funny!). I am very grateful for marrying into the Pope family and it was fun to have the Martinez's get to know them better. Anyway, here's a few pictures of our trip...

The Sweet Martinez family on our walk at Valley Forge

A three generation photo, unfortunately blurry...but doesn't Mike look handsome! Oh, he will be embarrassed that I added that!

Asher's first documented smile...I told you guys that he actually smiled sometimes. Okay, maybe Mike poking Asher takes away from the authenticity, but I swear he really does smile!

What a great Thanksgiving...now I'm can't wait for Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cameron's Arm...

So tonight Cameron broke her arm jumping from her bunk bed. I sat by her tonight and listened as she sat with her arm propped up... Things she was concerned about just hours after breaking her arm:

1 - as soon as she was settled she said she needed to go upstairs because she had a surprise for me. Crista went up instead and came back with a beautiful card she'd made for me and a little present that I opened to find two dollars. I almost cried because she and Addison have been saving to buy a barbie doll house. She wouldn't take it back and finally we settled on using it to get a treat together.

2 - she wanted to be sure she was going to be able to go to Addison's singing concert tomorrow night. She knows this is a big deal for Addison.

3 - she was concerned about Addison's eye which has been bothering her.

4 - she was concerned about not deserving to get blessed to heal quickly because she feels like she made a bad choice in jumping off the bunk bed. She loves her Heavenly Father and believes strongly in his ability to heal, but also has an astrounding sense of fairness.

5 - when dad called to tell her he was sorry and see how she was doing she was very sure to console him and make him believe she was ok. Even saying at one point, "don't worry about me."

I know I'm her aunt, but I can honestly say that the unselfish attitude she shows even when injured is shocking for her age. I just can't believe how sweet she came. I will also say that the whole time they were at the hospital Addison was busying herself making little gifts and cards for her. I love how they take such good care of each other.

I can't believe how loved this little girl can make me feel. Even when she's hurt. I swear if I could bottle the way she makes me feel I could solve the world's problems.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

So I just want to say that in trial we learn who our best friends are. I was so worried when I learned I'd have to get my wisdom teeth out and worried about who would help me... I never knew how many options I had. Crista offered immediately to do whatever was needed and that on top of her three children. Gardner stepped in as well. However, I have to say that it was so easy and natural to accept dad's offer. All of you know that whenever you need him you're never let down.

Early Tuesday morning he picked me up at home and drove me to the surgeon's office and then gave me the sweetest blessing - which I needed for more than just the upcoming extraction. I immediately felt the first calm of my whole season... He brought a book (or I should say two portions of a book - ha ha) and sat patiently in the waiting room. As they put me under I knew that I'd be fine as long as he was there.

After, he drove me back to O-town and dropped me off at home once he'd settled me on the couch, only to go back for my prescriptions. Before he left he turned up the heater in the game room so it'd be warm for me. He came home with a shake and all of my pills and sat and quietly read until I woke up again. Then he scooped some shake and set out my pills and settled me back on the couch. Mom called on the way home from work and made a special trip to the grocery store for yogurt and mashed potatoes and anything else I could dream of. Later that night they watched tv with me and made sure I'd eaten again.

The next day he came home from work to eat lunch with me and then left work early to bring me back to Salt Lake so I could work the next day. I should mention that in all of this he carried the bags I'd over-packed and opened all the doors. I love that he's such a gentleman even with his daughters.

The other thing is that dad is just so easy to be with... especially when you don't feel well. He spoils you and makes you feel pretty and loved even when you're puffy and swollen and probably (especially knowing me) complaining.

I also received numerous calls that whole day from all of my sisters - ALL of them - checking to see how I was doing. Crista, Rachel, Amanda, and Maren, I still don't feel super great, but to be honest I feel better than when I had wisdom teeth. Its not often in life we get chances to be loved so much.

Thank you all for loving me so much! In all of this I also want to point out that being helped by dad reminded me of the tens of thousands of times in the past when I've needed him and he's pulled through and not even made it seem like a big deal. He forgets to remind you of the sacrifices he makes when he's helping. Not once during those wisdom teeth days did he make it seem like he needed or wanted to be elsewhere.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008