Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Long Post! One big Chicago!

Hey everyone! We are now officially in Chicago. Mike and I did quite a bit of work to move ourselves in to the 7th floor and then purchase and move a bed, table & chairs, and a couch to furnish the apartment. It has been a pretty exciting past few weeks. We live in a place called Hyde Park which is just 7 miles south of the city. My commute is only 30 minutes a day from our front door to my office cubicle. It continues to shorten as I learn more each day. I ride the metra in which I had to learn is different than the L Train. And you can be sure that I have frantically asked many a people near me, “Is this the right train to get to Hyde Park?” Mike is in orientation and will begin his classes on this Monday. I am sure most of you know but he is getting a PhD at University of Chicago in Early Christian History. The area we live in is great. It is beautiful and diverse and only two blocks from Lake Michigan. We love our new ward and are excited to get more involved in it. Everyone at my work has been really nice so far. I work right downtown and my company composes three levels in a building that each level is an entire city block…pretty different than my small office in Salt Lake.

We have a two bedroom/two bath apartment that seems huge to us so if anyone wants to come and visit, we would love to have you! I would love to hear how everyone is doing.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big little sisters...

So from the posts below you can see its been quite a big September for us. My two little sisters are off to their new homes and packed and moved so well you'd think they were adults! I'm left here wondering how this happened. I still see these little cute faces with low side pony tails when I look at them so its tough to picture them setting up new lives so far away.

Amanda and Mike are in Chicago now and I know they will love it, but I'm hating the idea of them being so far away. Rachel and Richard and Victoria are off to San Antonio and I'm sure his family is so eager at a chance to have them (and I can't imagine anyone who'd take better care of them)... I keep reminding myself that that's only fair. But as she left and her huge eyes glistened a bit with tears I couldn't help wanting to just hold her until she and V missed their flight.

I'm sure that Mike and Richard have already realized that we're not a family that lets go very easily and they've been so patient and great about it. The only promise I need is that the next time I see Victoria she will still hold Elmo to her nose when she's tired and say "Hot Meats" upon request... also if you could keep reminding her that her nose is a spoon that would really help!

Well big grown up girls I'm missing you so much already!

Friday, September 14, 2007

San Antonio!

Like Amanda we have finally made it to our final destination! We spent a couple of crazy weeks packing a wonderful week in San Diego and finally we are in San Antonio! Richard started his job Monday and likes it a lot. We are staying with Grandma and Grandpa Martinez while we look for an apartment downtown, which is so nice of them. They just can't get enough of Victoria. She barely gets a nap between hugs and kisses! We sure miss friends and family and are excited to hear how everyone is doing vis this blog!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yea new blog!

We're planning on meeting Monday to go on the boat at 10:00 come h--- or high water! (Steven said). Then dinner later - Mike's helping cook. I can't wait!

I'm excited about this blog page - set up by Amanda Sue to keep us all in touch while she and Mike are away in Chicago and Rachel and Richard (and Victoria, of course) in San Antonio. Sad week for Steven and Donna with these kids all going away.

The First Post!

Well everyone,
After a summer of living in three different houses (our garage apartment, our house-sitting home, and my parents house), we are getting excited to move out to Chicago. I was especially excited when I found out that my commute to work will only be 25 minutes from my front door to my office. Considering my three hour a day bus commute from Provo to Salt Lake, this is a dream come true.
Mike and I just returned from our much awaited two-year in process honeymoon to Cancun. We loved it. We went snorkeling, which scared me at first, but ended up being a great time. We saw ancient ruins, drank pina coladas, and had desserts after nearly every meal. It was a great time! While there we celebrated our two year anniversary, even though our actual anniversary was today. We actually forgot it was today until Aunt Betsy reminded romantic are we!!! Cancun is better than a Sunday anniversary any day though!
Well, I hope everyone will join the blog and we can all keep in touch.