Sunday, December 19, 2010

Funny Sayings

**I often ask Asher the question, "Who do I love?" and then he proceeds to answer with little sweet answers which normally include Asher and Daddy. I asked him the other night and this was the order of his answers:

1. Mama

2. Dadda

Waiting for him to say Asher, I said, "Asher, who else do I love?" He thought for a moment and then answered, "Puter!" Puter means computer, as in my laptop. Sad, funny, and true.

**Asher has recently started to get some attitude. While Mike and Asher wrestle, sometimes Mike will fake nibble on his back, and Asher shouts, "Daddy, no bite me!" He will also say to me sometimes when I am changing a diaper or putting on his pajamas, "Don't touch me Mama! My body!" which I then inform him that I am his Mama and birthed and breastfed him so yes, most definitely, I CAN and WILL touch him! :)

**As winter is upon us, getting ready to leave the house entails a lengthy process. In our family, when we are finally ready to go, we often say, "Let's do this!" so now, once Asher is all set in his carseat or stroller he shouts, "Let's do this, Dada!"

**Asher has said this multiple times in the last few days, "Let's watch football Dadda!" I wonder where he gets this!