Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Luck House Cat!

Tonight we sent Maren and Grant off to Oklahoma where they will settle in and finally begin a really settled life. We were all so sad to see them go and its exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. I'm looking forward to hearing what adventures they have and wanted to wish them good luck on their journey. I thought it might be nice to re-count some of our favorite Maren-isms to help her on her way.

1 - One time Maren and I were driving home from Layton with freshly baked cookies she held on her lap (she was maybe 12 at the time). I took the on-ramp too fast and finally once we were safely settled on the highway again Maren stated: I literally almost tossed THESE cookies.

2 - Maren would come stay with me during college weekends and once we went shopping at Nordstrom Rack for jeans.... She was open to trying anything on and was always surprised at how cute each pair looked on her.

3 - When she was little for some reason mom and dad would let me take Maren anywhere with me and I always remember not wanting to go places unless her cute little 3-4 year old self would come along. People just loved her immediately.

4 - After I'd moved to Salt Lake from Ogden I was at home one time and for the first time in my life experienced some "attitude" from Maren. When I asked her about it she cried and said we'd promised to watch ER together on Thursdays...

5 - When Maren was a baby she had a hard time falling asleep and I'd take her in the library and gently massage her face and then hold her eye lids shut... In my young 14 year old mind I thought that it was helpful...

6 - One Christmas Maren made me a journal. It had all my favorite things pasted into it and I can barely stand to write in it unless its really important.

7 - The trip to Hawaii and our ride in the rental car when I realized she actually does make crumbs.

8 - Any time that Maren would show up at my house without anything. She would just show up and hang out and I was just super glad to have her around. I kept pajamas and anything else she might need just on the off chance she'd come... She would be happy with whatever the plans were and just hang out. Like a house cat...

We love you Maren and I'm so proud of your grown up self! Good luck in Oklahoma!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Grapefruit

Some of you may have already heard the big news, buuuuut Grant convinced me to try a Grapefruit a couple of nights ago. I have to admit, I didn't mind it too much.

I must really love Grant right?