Thursday, May 22, 2008

Donut Donut Donut!

Victoria has been up to her usual tricks and I thought I would fill you in on them.

The other day we were in the pool and trying to catch Richard, so I thought it would be funny to make the Jaws sound. You know. Duna, duna, duna, duna and you get progressively faster as you get closer to your prey. Well, now Victoria chases you and says, "Donut, donut, donut, donut". It is so funny!

Grandma Donna gave Victoria the video "Stellaluna". The movie is based on the children's book. Well, we hadn't read the book yet and I started the movie for Victoria as I sat down to nurse Reed. As the movie begins a baby bat is flying with her mother holding on to her stomach. Then all of a sudden an owl comes and the baby starts falling. I started documenting what was happening in the movie to get her interested, when I glanced at Victoria standing in front of me with tears streaming down her face. She ran to me and started crying. The rest of that day she wouldn't let me out of her sight.

Reed is learning to coo and grunt with the best of them! If you smile and grunt at him you can practically carry on a conversation. He is really quite alert and entertaining for someone of his age!


Well, I just got home from a pretty frustrating adventure! You wouldn't think it would be so hard to walk 8 blocks up the main road in front of our house to the pharmacy. It wasn't that it was so difficult as frustrating. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of redeemable qualities to San Antonio, but sidewalks are not on the list. We started off this morning happy and smiley and off to the grocery store across the street and then further up the road to the pharmacy. I had seen the pharmacy yesterday and had a prescription to pick up and I didn't think it was that far. ( turned out to be farther than I thought!)
Well lets just say that by the time we made it there, there was no way I was walking back. I had to call Richard to pick us up because I was so frustrated with the whole situation. Victoria had a poopy diaper and Reed was hungry and it was only 11 o'clock and already 95 degrees. But most of all the fact there was no sidewalks was the issue. Maybe to a stroller-less person it wasn't a big deal, but when you are pushing a double stroller continuous cement is a must.
The thought crossed my mind many times to call and complain to someone, anyone that this city is not pedestrian friendly! No sidewalks, no cross walks, no nothing. Richard doesn't think anyone will care, but it sure made for a frustrating morning!
Sorry for the moaning and groaning!

Keeping Us Grounded

Just in case Maren was beginning to feel quite lavish and gorgeous as she plans her picture perfect wedding, I just thought it would be beneficial to

1. Remind her of the true nerd-family that she came from.

2. Remind her that she too has just a bit of (although covered by modelesque features) nerd in her too!

P.S. For those of you that don't know what this is a picture of, one of our famiy traditions is to reenact the Nativity scene every Christmas. Don't Maren and I look like the greatest nerds ever! Love it!

Mike was actually the one that noticed what a great nerd picture this was. And just incase Mike thought he might be able to be married to me without getting a bit of nerd on himself, I included a picture of him with his favorite Christmas present this year!

Yes, that's right, a GREEK LEXICON!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey, Porky!

Wow, yes, this is my huge belly at 21 weeks. Pretty crazy huh! But the baby is healthy and that is what is most important. Anyway, for those that have been it is!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Almost everyone is right!

Well, I thought with all of the votes for a boy, that we would definetly be having a girl! But we are having a BOY! You are all right! Except for Leah who blatantly frolics to the beat of her own drum! Our baby boy will make three boys in a row on my side of my immediate family, and seven in a row for my father's extended family. On Mike's side, there will be three boys in a row for his immediate family as well. So yes, it looks like future family reunions just got a little more rowdy and competetive!

P.S. Mike picked the football picture because as he says, "It's not as lame as all the teddy bear ones." We have a lot to learn!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What do you think we are having?

Well, tommorow is the day that we possibly find out(if the baby cooperates) if we are having a boy or a girl. Most importantly we will get an update on the baby's health, but it's pretty exciting to possibly know the gender too! Anyway, although I know this is late notice, I would love to hear what people think we are having. So cast your vote now and we will send out large, extravagant prizes to the winners! Okay, the prizes thing was a lie, but we would still love to hear what you think we are having.

P.S. supposedly a Snicker's bar is supposed to get the baby active so they move around enough so the Doctor can tell their gender. Whether this is an old wife's tale or not, a Snicker's it is! Plus, how often do you get an excuse to eat a Snicker's bar!