Thursday, January 29, 2009

The only Blond Crane's Birthday

So this is late, but I wanted to post a couple of my favorite things about Amanda...

1 - She is competitive. Those of you who know her will laugh... But this is such an amazing quality in Amanda. In younger years it was a challenge for her and now its just an amazing assett.

2 - She is emotional. She truly loves. I have always been able to feel this from her almost like she is a radiator. I am grateful that I can feel it from Chicago still.

3 - She is an incredible friend. Amanda has never compromised her friendships. EVER. She has always had a select few who can count on her no matter what. In these relationships she does not put herself first.

4 - She is the hardest worker I have ever met. There are times when she has been up against deadlines or expectations which make me cringe and yet she pulls off results with flying colors.

5 - She is nervous about change and things she doesn't fully understand. For those of you who know her let's think back to pregnancy...

6 - She is hard on herself but she will give everyone else all of the understanding in the world. She is loving and understanding of everyone but herself. I wish at times she could see herself through anyone else's eyes.

7 - She used to lose her temper (as many of us Crane's do) but she has worked very hard to overcome this and I love nothing more than looking over and watching her in a situation where its warranted to lose her temper and I see her eyes set in that defiant amanda way and then she smiles.

8 - She has the world's most amazing smile. She has big beautiful white teeth and the most amazingly wide smile. But what I love most is that even that did not come easily. She thanks me for a rug I gave her a bazillion years ago almost every time I see her.

9 - That brings up how grateful she is. She is grateful for everyone and everything she's ever been given and yes, that includes braces. On numerous occasions I have heard her thank my parents for this.

10 - Amanda is athletic, but she has always been a better athlete than her genes dictated - which goes back to hard work.

11 - Amanda is such a great sister. I don't think anyone would disagree. I love every minute of being her sister from watching her compete with Crista in Junior Jazz to watching her hold Asher. She is completely sharing in her joy and has allowed us all to experience with her.

12 - Amanda is an amazing mother. She worries constantly about Asher and researches and asks constantly in order to be the best mother she can. I love watching how she approaches motherhood like every other thing in her life. She will work and work and work and research and worry until Asher has the best mom in the world. What a lucky little boy.

My little blonde sister... I am so proud of you. I absolutely love the person you are. Thank you so much for letting me be such a great part of your life. I miss you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Boys

Two posts in one day...Asher must be taking a super long nap. I love this picture of my boys. I know Mike doesn't love to have a lot of attention on him, but hey. Yesterday was Asher's four months check up and also a day that I was to be in the office. Mike was a sport and took Asher to his appointment. During the trip Asher had two shots and two blow-outs...some quality Father-Son time was had by all! When I came home the house was clean, dinner was on the table, and ALL of the dishes were done. I really appreciate him and his love for Asher.

(Quick note: Asher was not as fat as I thought he was. He is 25 percentile in both weight and height; however, a whopping 75% in head size! The doctor says he is just fine on all accounts.)

A Great and Crazy Holiday Season

I am always a few weeks behind, but I thought I would finally post a few pictures of our holidays and add some commentary.

My doctor mentioned that a fun way to document your child as he grows is to take a picture of your baby and the same stuffed animal every month. I also added the idea from my friend Leah to have a card with the number of months old. I prepared the card; however, I forgot the card in this picture, but next time!

While in Utah, we blessed Asher at my parent's church. He was a trooper and did not cry or mess in the blessing outfit like Maren did when she was blessed (just giving a shout out to you Mare!)

Santa brought all of the grandkids Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. They were all so excited.

I love this photo because it depicts how out of control a Christmas can be at the Crane's. Notice first that Maren is Mary and VERY pregnant....hmm. Also, shockingly none of the little girls wanted to be Mary, what is that! Cameron looks festive as a shepherd with her green cast. Mom's watch must be reflecting causing an illusion of a halo over Victoria's head. In the mean time Victoria takes the lead to educate Addison on how to be a little angel, and Addison obediently listens. And to top it all of...
a screaming baby Jesus!

I like this picture of my mom and dad on Christmas morning...they just look so happy. I also love how Asher is bound and determined to be apart of the photo.

One last picture. A four generation photo with Grandma Martinez.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in the FREEZING FRIGID saddle again

Not to complain too much, but I just might. It's 5 in the morning and I am feeding Asher and preparing for my second day back to work. It is going to be a high of 0 degrees today, which apparently feels like -19 degrees...for fun. Oh, Chicago in the winter. On a better note, for those of you that don't know, my work approved for me to work just two days in the office and a part day from home and still receive my benefits. It's worth a shot. I have a great babysitter that I go to church with that lives just upstais from us. AND...I was greatly surprised that after all of my worrying, my first day back went well for everyone, most importantly Asher.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Who are these crazy people?!  These pictures made for a lot of laughs at the Crane Household over Christmas! Enjoy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Late Birthday, Grant!

Grant's birthday was actually January 6th, and we were on a cruise in the Caribbean, soooo this post is pretty late. Better late than never right? Grant is now 24! As the newest member of the family, many people may not know a lot about Grant, so I thought I'd share some interesting facts about him, and also some of the things that I especially love about him.

1. Grant LOVES to dance. Get him out on the dance floor and he turns into a crazy, dance machine.

2. Grant has the most perfect skin I've ever seen. It makes me so mad. He never washes his face, and yet his face is flawless! I don't get it..

3. Grant snores like a freight train. yep.

4. Grant just happens to be the best basketball player I know. I think I knew I loved him when I saw how hard he could dunk it. I still get shivers when I see it! hahaha! I love to watch Grant play, but I get a little worked up. I guess I get that from the Crane side.

5. Grant's two favorite movies are Rudy, and The Man From Snowy River. I think if he could switch me in for Jim Craig he probably would, but how wouldn't?? I mean, it's JIM CRAIG.

6. I think Grant is the very tallest person in our family. Extended family included (if anyone knows of one 6'5" or taller feel free to speak up!) Between the two of us, there is no high shelf or cabinet that we can't reach..

7. Grant is the best public speaker/salesman/story teller I have ever met. He could sell a rain coat to someone who lives in the desert?? (I was having a super hard time thinking of an example) When Grant gives talks in church it is a sight to behold. The congregation lingers on his every word. They laugh. They cry. And then I have to follow him. It's bad news for me.

8. If Grant could eat one thing for the rest of his life I think it would be Cheddarwurst hotdogs, and I don't blame him. Those things are delcious! They are plump juicy hotdogs that have just the right amount of cheese inside. mmmmm!

9. Grant is a cowboy. He grew up on a ranch helping with the cattle. He rides horses, and listens to country music (sometimes) and can drive a tractor with the best of them!

10. For some crazy reason, Grant loves me. This is my favorite thing about him. I can't imagine my life without him. He is my best friend, and I'm so glad he puts up with my craziness!

Happy Birthday Grant!
I sure love you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cameron's gum

cameron and I share many common interests. One of which is gum. It's often the topic of conversations: new kinds, when to eat it, how much is too much, and sometimes bad occuremces that involve gum (let's face it... They happen).

Last Sunday I was at Gardner and crista's and c offered me a full pack of gum. I told her I'd take just a piece. She fought me a while telling me how I always give her gum or how she had too much. I think she also said how it would, "make her happy.." I thought I'd won this little battle until the next day. I opened my purse in search of keys or chapstick or whatever and there, hidden and sneaky was cameron's pack of gum.

Yes... She won and it causes me to ask how was I duped by a six year old?