Sunday, December 19, 2010

Funny Sayings

**I often ask Asher the question, "Who do I love?" and then he proceeds to answer with little sweet answers which normally include Asher and Daddy. I asked him the other night and this was the order of his answers:

1. Mama

2. Dadda

Waiting for him to say Asher, I said, "Asher, who else do I love?" He thought for a moment and then answered, "Puter!" Puter means computer, as in my laptop. Sad, funny, and true.

**Asher has recently started to get some attitude. While Mike and Asher wrestle, sometimes Mike will fake nibble on his back, and Asher shouts, "Daddy, no bite me!" He will also say to me sometimes when I am changing a diaper or putting on his pajamas, "Don't touch me Mama! My body!" which I then inform him that I am his Mama and birthed and breastfed him so yes, most definitely, I CAN and WILL touch him! :)

**As winter is upon us, getting ready to leave the house entails a lengthy process. In our family, when we are finally ready to go, we often say, "Let's do this!" so now, once Asher is all set in his carseat or stroller he shouts, "Let's do this, Dada!"

**Asher has said this multiple times in the last few days, "Let's watch football Dadda!" I wonder where he gets this!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Asher's 2nd Year Glamour Shots!

Can you believe we have a two year old! Asher's babysitter took these great pictures of Asher and her daughter, Liv. Thank you Heather!

And, I'm normally not one for little kid lovey-dovey pictures, but, seriously you funny and cute is this! We are hoping these two will get married one day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Kind of a Big Deal!

All key indicators point that Rachel (my older sister by 2 years) and her husband Richard Martinez (and little Victoria and Reed) are moving to our neighborhood in Chicago approximately five blocks away! We will let Rachel confirm as to whether this rumor is actually true!

Also, we had a great time having them come and visit and look for apartments. We will see them again in less than a month...very exciting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Left Hanging

I heard a cry for help from Axel when we were at the park last Sunday and I ran to his rescue as he was stuck hanging from the rings. I then paused prior to helping him to be sure we got a few pictures. Documented proof of being a bad aunt. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raid and Chemo: Friend or Foe?

This is an article I wrote for a new Oncology study we're working on and many of you have helped me through the hell this little beetle has put me through so I thought I'd share.

Recently I found a beetle in my home. It was large enough that I actually HEARD it running on the tile floor. After attempting to trap it with Tilex-soaked napkins (as I had no Raid) I spent the night in absolute fear for my life and jumping at any little noise.

The next day I could not stop imagining the huge black pest roving through my home as if it owned the place. That night I returned home armed with lemon-scented Raid. I found the beetle and he died shortly after a brief swim.
However, to err on the safe side, I then unloaded the entire can in my home. Operation successful — I went to sleep knowing the beetle was dead in a Ziploc bag. The next morning I awoke nauseated having slept in my 700 square-foot home breathing an entire bottle of toxic lemon-scented Raid.
Like Raid, oncology treatments of radiation and chemotherapy in controlled doses can be effective and safe, but mess up the dose and you’re in a deadly situation.
With so many potential risks involved in utilizing radiation and chemotherapy to treat patients, physicians absolutely need a solid product. What do you think is needed for a complete system? Is there a vendor who has the functionality that oncology demands?
KLAS is conducting an oncology study, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and needs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Helping of Asher

Remember how Asher helps with the cooking, well, he also does the dishes:

He even helps Mom exercise:

Notice that Asher is in his Razzle-Dazzles (Mike's word for this type of workout shorts). Once I or Mike put on our Razzle-Dazzles, he insists that he joins in the Pope team uniform.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


With the holiday rolling in I am feeling a bit nastalgic for memorial days past. I'm missing my sisters. Thought I'd share a couple of thoughts of each of them:

Rachel: brought home as our Christmas gift and easy from day one. A favorite memory of her is watching her smile slyly after Amanda shoved her into the closet. I also remember finding her hiding in a closet with her eyes filled with tears. She didn't like crying in front of people. I still can take almost anything but watery Rachel eyes. She's adventurous and has been bringing new things and experiences to us since tennis.

Amanda: driven and focused. She has never not accomplished a task she set out for. She does not tire and researches every decision and move she makes. She was angry at the shows that dealt with highlighted kids, knowing all too young how amazingly talented she is. Road trips with her singing crystal gale make me laugh out loud.

Maren (Aka house cat): I was finally getting the sister thing down. I remember standing in the library with my fingers presses gently on your eyelids trying to induce sleep. You were charming and loved easily from the start. I've never doubted you loved me. You are funny and tough and more laid back to us than you really are. I still have pjs for you.

So to all of you... Come home soon. I miss being an older sister.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crafty Cranes

Below are some things we make:

Kids: by Rachel
Hats: by Emily

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chicago...My kind of town

The longer we are here in Chicago, the more we love it. Maybe I am feeling this way because we've just survived a long cold winter and spring seems to have arrived. AND maybe I am trying to persuade some of you to come and visit us! Anyway, here are a few fun things to do in Chicago:

The Dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Patrick's day...yes, it really is that green.

The Lincoln Park Kite flying festival:

Picnics at Lake Michigan:

And, if these fun events are not enough to entice you, then perhaps you would like your own personal Chef named Asher! His specialties are lukewarm milk, (mangled) bananas, grubby quesadillas, and fistfuls of Nutella/butter.

Oh, and he also bakes:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Front Desk, this is Maren, how may I help you?

How cool am I???

You are looking at a proud Holiday Inn employee! We even get to wear these awesome uniforms. The scarves are my personal favorite.

p.s. don't forget to check out how high waisted my pants are!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily, we hope you had a great day! You are so amazing and so helpful! (to all of us).
We appreciated having you with us when we had visits to Doctor Noyes and then again for the day of surgery at the Huntsman. You know all the right questions to ask and it was so comforting to have another person listening to all those directions when we came home. Thank you!
I love spending time with you, and cooking with you, too. We had fun times with new recipes and new "gadgets"!
It was a snowy day like today when you were born. What a sweet blessing you have been!

my dear emily

Today is Emily's birthday. Oh how I wish I were in Utah to surprise her at work and take her to lunch, or shopping at Nordstrom's!
I have really really loved living in Oklahoma, but the hardest part is being away from family. Especially Em.
Not many people are lucky enough to have sisters like Emily. We have had so many amazing times together! Here are just a couple of my favorite Em memories.

ER, Friends and Taco Maker Thursdays. No one can flirt their way into more free crispitos than Em :)

Going to Salt Lake and staying with Emily. Always knowing I'd have a spot in her bed and that "my pajamas" would be there waiting for me.

Shopping with Em is the best. She really knows her stuff! She was always willing to go with me to find the perfect shoes to go with a dance dress, or to advise me on wedding make up. She definitely has good taste!

Playing the train game. nuff said. She always beats me, but it's always fun.

CANCUN. Seriously, one of the funnest trips of my life. So glad we could go together.

Emily is the kind of person who is always doing something for someone else. If she's not bringing something special for someone in the office, she's up in Kaysville hanging out with Cam, Addison and Axel so G and C can have a little break.

Emily, you are such a wonderful person and there are so many people who love you. I love you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I call it a COME BACK!

Look Mom!

All it took was almost 3 months of nursing and I brought it back. That's not one, but TWO healthy leaves!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was in the next room working, and Mike was "in-charge," but apparently "in-charge" means allowing Asher to snuggle down in his blanket with a tub full of Nutella! Somehow Asher pulled it off the kitchen counter, opened the jar, and feasted. We couldn't believe it! So funny.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Asher's Glamour Shots

While I work on Tuesday and Thursday in the office, Asher goes to visit his friends Liv and Heather. We have been so blessed to have so many amazing women live nearby that have babysat Asher. Thank you Katie, Heather, Elise, and Melissa! And to our subs Melanie and LuAnn. Anyway, Asher has really loved playing with Liv, and Heather is taking a photography class and took these cute pictures of Asher:

Thanks Heather!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seven Ways you know you have a Toddler:

1. Your suitcase becomes inhabited by a 30 pounder:

* I know that not all toddlers are nearly 30 pounds, but I am just working with experience people!

2. Your bathroom time is not only interrupted by someone, but also his toy table:

3. Your trash can becomes a new place for socks or various other nondisposables:

4. Small items just seem to cover your floor at ALL times, no matter what you try and do about it. :)

5. Your lower shelves are not longer a place for books:

6. Instead of finding something wrong when he looks in the mirror, your thirty pounder just seems to LOVE himself. And you have a bag full of dirty diapers hanging from your door. Gross, I know.

7. And finally, Dad's quick shower turns into Asher's unsupervised baby powder extravaganza:

P.S. I love the little footprint in this one. Even with all of the above, I think I wouldn't mind freezing Asher in time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A long time!

First of all, congratulations to Gardner, my oldest brother, and his wife Crista, and their children Cameron, Addison, and Axel on their new baby boy!!! We are so excited for a new baby Crane.

Yes, it has been a few months, and it may be a few more before my next post, but that's just how the Popes roll.
We had a great and busy end to 2009.
Asher and I (sadly Mike had to stay home and study) were able to share Thanksgiving with my family in Utah:

The girls in all of my mom's aprons

Cameron and Addison in their cool school shirts

Gardner & Crista

Maren, Grant, and Dad

Asher and Axel: man talk

And we were able to gather with Mike's family in Billings, Montana for Christmas. It may have taken us 2 1/2 days, 3 missed flights, one Asher throw-up on a flight, a desperate, unsuccessful search for a sippy cup in the the ENORMOUS mall of America, and one unplanned night in a shady hotel to get there, but it was definitely worth it. We had a great time.

Visiting our friends, the Trendlers, in Minneapolis during our second day of our prolonged layer-over. So fun to see them though.

Big cousin Joe showing Asher what Chucky Cheese is all about.

The Popes and the Nyes... and yes, the Nyes are attempting to steal children.

A shepherd with his little uncooperative sheep

Now back to the cold, harsh reality of a Chicago winter in January. Wah, wahhh.