Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the Grandparents and others that are not sick of baby pics!

As most of you know, we live in Chicago and my parents live in Utah and Mike's in Philedelphia; therefore, we are posting some extra pictures for the grandparents, particularly the ones that are not on facebook! :) Yes, I know, I finally sold out and joined facebook a few months ago due to Maren's harrassment...but secretly I can get sucked into and enjoy the time waste we all call facebook.

The's funny to go from a couple to a, I suppose we are growing up.

Big boy clothes! I thought they looked so cute, even though a bit big!

Asher and I like to meet Mike at campus sometimes and walk home together. Sadly, Chicago is starting to get cold so we had to deck Asher out in his "I live in Chicago" gear, yes the scowl included. Rachel gave us this stroller after she needed a double-wide so it is a bit big, but works well with a swaddle job. The stroller also doubles as his preferred place of rest as he dislikes his bassinet and crib. Yes, he indeed sleeps in his stroller every night. Are we bad parents for that? Probably.
Asher apparently was too tired to eat. Honestly, too tired to're a Crane/Pope!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Typical First Time Parents...

So Mike and I have been married a little over three years now, and I am pretty sure we have taken more pictures in the last three weeks with Asher than in our entire marriage. We are really loving our baby Asher and thought we would share a few more pictures.

Asher loves to hang around in my bobby...I think he looks like a little hedge hog.

Here he is hanging out with his daddy after he has been fed.

No, we do not style his hair. Asher is all naturale; however, notice his frosted blond tips!

Asher all snuggled up after bath time. I am always tempted to snuggle him more after his bath; however, I've learned my lesson that Asher with no diaper means no fun for Mom and her clothes!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

foooootball. continued.

Not really sure what happened to that last post. I'm obviously a rookie at this.
anyway, those were from the byu vs utah state game up in logan. Me, grant, dad, mom, emily, gardner and crista all went up, and had a great time!

The next pictures are in Provo at the byu vs new mexico game. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures or not, but we were death!

Go cougars!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To the Best Aunt

All of Asher's aunts are extraordinary, but I thought I would just post about one in particular. Emily and Gardner, Crista and their family sent me these while in the hospital...

They were so beautiful and completely unexpected. Thanks you guys.

Also, Emily put together sweet little bags-o-fun for Cameron, Addison, and Victoria to keep them entertained at Maren's wedding. She even gave them fun little digital cameras! Can I have a bag-o-fun too?

And, most of us know that anytime you need a doctor, you can call Emily and she can find you the best! I was looking for a good pediatrician so of course she made a few phone calls and did some research and found us an excellent doctor that practices just blocks from our home. This was a huge relief especially since Asher was born a week early, and Emily was the only contact we had with our pediatrician. Thank you so much Emily and I think we would all agree that you win the best aunt award!

A Beefy 7 lbs 12.5 ounces!

During my stay in the hospital, a pediatrician informed me that Asher lost 10% of his birth weight. For a first time mom, this caused quite a bit of stress! I was so relieved to have a weigh-in today at Asher's 1 week and 5 day pediatrician visit and to find that he had gained all of his birth weight back plus a whopping .5 ounce! I attribute the success to the women below:

My mom came to Chicago and stayed for a week and a half! We couldn't have done it without her!

Mike's mom flew in the day my mom left! She also has been so great! Mike and I greatly appreciate their help both emotionally and physically! :)