Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Latest

Hazel at a skinny five weeks:

Asher, the mostly supportive big brother:

Documenting how we had to use our beach umbrella to protect all four of us as we nearly got drenched while walking home from the beach. I am sure we were quite the funny sight on the sidewalks of the southside of Chicago :

Tummy time with and without big brother:

My favorite & most recent at eight weeks:

She is quite smiley (began around five weeks) which is a surprise because Asher was very scowly for a long time.


Maren said...

amanda, she is so sweet! I can't believe you have a little girl! Keep posting pictures. I would love to see more!

Rachel said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she is 2 months old. Asher looks so big to me and even more like Mike! But she looks more like you and so precious! We miss you guys!

Arianne said...

AMANDA! She's beautiful! She's soooo tiny....and Asher is such a big boy....and you have two kids! I'm very excited about a lot of things right now! Congrats to you and Mike! I hope I get to meet your kids someday!

Sarah and Trent said...

ah what a cutie patootie!! She does look nice & smiley like her momma. :)

Gardner Crane said...

Amanda! She's so cute! I hope to see her soon...before she grows up.

Love ya!

kathleen said...

Such a cute cute smile on Hazel.

Amanda where did you get the name Hazel? Did you know that Nana's youngest sister's name is Hazel Maxine?

Aren't little girls so fun to dress. Wish I could see both of your darling kiddos. Wish you lived closer.
Aunt Kathleen

em said...

Can't wait to hold her! She's so pretty! When are you out here?