Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hazel's Blessing Dress

We blessed Hazel a bit late at four months old, but it worked out great because she finally fit in her blessing dress!  Asher, Hazel, and I visited Utah to see my side of the family while Mike took his big comprehensive exam.  (Side note:  HE PASSED!  Now on to his disertation).  We had a great time seeing everyone, although we did not get a chance to get together with Aunt Betsy and her clan!

 We thought about blessing her in Utah, but wait, Mike was still in Chicago.  After Mike finished his exam we decided to take a trip to see his parents in Philadelphia and relax before he starts into his disertation and before I head back to work in November.  So long strory short, we blessed Hazel today in Philadelphia and wanted to share with you all a video of her in her blessing dress.  We are loving this little sweetie and all her smiles.


Arianne said...

Oh my gosh Amanda - She is a DOLL! So beautiful. What a wonderful blessing. And congrats Mike on passing comps! Miss you guys!

kathleen said...

So cute! Did Gramma Donna make the dress?
Aunt Kathleen